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Entertainment News

-NPH Joins Exclusive Tony Club
Neil Patrick Harris will be hosting the 2013 Tony Awards. This will be his fourth time as host and in a group in which he is the only one. No other actors have hosted the Tonys more than three times aside from 5-Timers Angela Lansbury and Robert Preston.

-Well Choreographed Testimony
Formerly famous choreographer to the stars, Wade Robson who was a witness for the defense during Michael Jackson’s 2005 trial for child molestation charges, now claims that Jackson did in fact molest him over the course of their seven year friendship. His reason for reversing 20 years of testimony to the contrary was an emotional breakdown last year under the stress of his rising career and stress of the buried trauma he had suffered years before.

-Panning Streams for Gold
Music streaming on the internet is picking up validity as the Recording Industry Associate of America (RIAA) will be considering streaming music online when awarding statuses to albums. As a result, 27 artists will be receiving multi-platinum status.

Crime News

-Arraignment of Castro
Ariel Castro, the man charged with kidnapping three women almost a decade ago that were rescued this past week has been ordered held on $8 million bail. Because if he wouldn’t even leave Cleveland with three kidnap victims, he is most definitely a flight risk.

-Arias Prefers Ultimate Penalty
Jodi Arias, recently convicted of first degree murder in the death of her boyfriend Travis Alexander, has told reporters that she would “prefer to die sooner than later.” This decision unfortunately is not up to her as a jury now has to deal with the “aggravation phase” of the trial in which the jury has to decide if the crime was particularly heinous. If so, the next step will be the penalty phase.

-Bomber Buried in Secret Location
Tamerian Tsarnaev has officially been buried in a secret location outside of Worcester after a week-long search for an accommodating cemetery. After dying during a shootout with Boston police, Tsarnaev’s remains were being held help since May 1st when the body was released to the family. After a Worcester funeral home offered to handle the funeral arrangements, numerous online movements began to keep the bombing suspect from being buried in their communities.



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