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The Gall of It

So, after an appointment with a surgeon today, I have officially scheduled surgery to have my gall bladder removed.

Mainly, I just want the extra room for storage. I never thought I would have to find a spot for my endless supply of sarcasm. But, look at me now. Egg on my face.

The truth is, I have had stomach issues for years, off and on. Ever since I was diagnosed with the uber-vague “epigastric pain” after my first school physical at C.A. Farley, I have just assumed that my stomach was a lazy jerk. Refusing to digest as it should with no help from me as I continued years of abuse via carbonated beverages, garbage, and about $2.28 in loose change.

It was only in the last few years that I started looking at my gall bladder as the source of some of my gastric mayhem. Through ultra sounds, ct scans, and various testing of samples; the end result was always a big fat (?). No stones, nothing out of the ordinary. It wasn’t until my first hida scan (a scan to test the ability of the gall bladder) that it was realized that it just isn’t functioning as a bile sac should.

In three weeks, I will be having the gall bladder removed along with whatever else I can convince the surgeons to shave off while I am under the knife. Here’s hoping for surprise ab implants.

Wish me luck!



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