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Respectful Irritation

I am aware that this will probably offend someone simply because of the subject matter. My intention is not to offend but to inform of my opinion.

Since moving into our new apartment a few weeks ago, we have been visited by at least two different church representatives. I’m not going to call out what denomination because that is not the point I am trying to make. I am not looking to slam anyone’s particular view.

What I do want to slam is proselytization tactics. The first visitor(s) jammed a pamphlet into our door so far that it was more inside than outside.

Issue 1. If we don’t answer, assume we aren’t interested. If I have something I want you to subscribe to be it a magazine or religious group, I will offer you the propaganda. I won’t jam it into your home because I don’t know if you want it and I certainly wouldn’t assume that you do.

The second visitors rang the doorbell and left a booklet in the door before I got a chance to answer. Once I opened the door, they came walking toward me and we had a ten minute conversation about what group they were representing and my willingness to join.

Issue 2. If I can demonstrate more knowledge on your subject and still don’t agree, stop trying. I am not particularly smart about any specific religious sect, but I know what I know. This brings me to my third issue.

Issue 3. Saying your opinion over and over doesn’t make it more right or wrong than mine. It just makes it your opinion.

Once I explain why I believe what I believe, that understand your belief, and why your belief doesn’t make sense to me that should be the end of the conversation. I listened to their opinion. I absorbed it, I understood it, and then respectfully declined their offer. That is when their offer turned from positive to negative.

Final Issue. If the only reason to believe what you believe is fear, maybe you need someone like me to interrupt your evening. But I don’t do that because it’s none of my business just like it’s none of yours. Don’t preach to me the love and kindness while threatening me with pain and punishment.

I just wish people could leave each other alone and stop assuming that they know what is best for others.



One thought on “Respectful Irritation

  1. “Don’t preach to me the love and kindness while threatening me with pain and punishment.” Word.

    Posted by Jenny Cecilia | August 4, 2013, 4:38 am

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