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School Dazed

It’s that time of the year again. Office Max commercials are playing non-stop. K-Mart is still trying to stay relevant without using tongue-in-cheek toilet humor. Kids across the country are taking deep breaths as they get ready to head back into the classroom.  Along with them, I am also getting ready to head back into … Continue reading

Short Story: The Mayor

The mayor stood at his large bay windows and looked over the impossibly small town from his mansion on the hill. It was a fairly sizeable structure by Californian standards but in the eyes of the townspeople it was mountainous. Arms folded across his broad chest, one hand held a glass of warm scotch, swirling … Continue reading

Respectful Irritation

I am aware that this will probably offend someone simply because of the subject matter. My intention is not to offend but to inform of my opinion. Since moving into our new apartment a few weeks ago, we have been visited by at least two different church representatives. I’m not going to call out what … Continue reading