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Empathy of Sycophants

I am sure that seeing the face of one of the alledeged Boston Marathon bombers may have offended someone at the end of the tolerance spectrum. But are we really this easily distracted and riled up by a magazine that had Johnny Knoxville on the cover getting hit with paint-balls or Lady Gaga in one of her costumes?

Sometimes, it just seems like the majority of people have run out of outrage and will pick anything to stand their ground on because its easier to do that than to fight a more noble fight.

Here is a list of things that we should be talking about instead of the cover of Rolling Stone…

Climate Change
America still in two wars
America on the verge of starting more
Repercussions of Arab Spring
Persecution of whistleblowers and the reality of what they are revealing
How Rolling Stone frequently features drug addicts, perverts, murderers, and psychopaths on the cover
Media Bias on just about every front
Crumbling education system
Dissolved space program
Failure of two party system of government

The list goes on…pick your battles people.



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