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Dead End for Zombies?

I love a good zombie flick as much as anyone can. But have they jumped the sharknado?

                We have seen just about every type of zombie movie at this point. Fast zombies, slow zombies, mean zombies, funny zombies. We have movies where zombies are the villain and even movies where zombies are the love interest.

                Zombies have been plagues, armies, the single threat in an isolated place, or the imminent threat waiting just around the corner. With the success of “The Walking Dead” and numerous video games, zombies have gone from the silver screen to the small screen. But have they overplayed their decaying, boney hand?

                Where else is there to go with this genre that will keep us entertained? Is there anything that can come out now that won’t immediately be seen as redundant?

                As I said before, I love a good zombie movie and would be just fine with the following movies if Hollywood feels like taking the much needed break from the non-stop “Thriller” casting call that it has become for the last few years.

In no particular order, these are my favorite zombie movies.

Shaun of the Dead: Directed by Edgar Wright and starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, this movie combines comedy, creepiness, and genuine emotions. Far and away one of my favorite takes on the genre while making tongue in cheek references to the rest of them.

28 Days Later: Danny Boyle directed this fast-paced zombie film and took zombies from a supernatural event to an experiment gone horribly awry. He also made them terrifyingly violent and fast. So very fast.

Dawn of the Dead (Remake): This 2004 remake was originally done by the father of zombies, George Romero. But this stylish version was directed by Zack Snyder and featured a good cast, lots of gore, and the highly versatile backdrop of the Crossroads Mall.

Evil Dead (Original and Remake): I want to be clear and say that nothing holds a candle to Bruce Campbell in the original and its sequels but 2013’s reboot made enough nods to the original while increasing the pace for a younger and more bloodthirsty audience.

Dead Alive: Peter Jackson directed this gore-gasm and stocked it with intensely disgusting moments and gallons upon gallons of blood. Serious fans only for this one.



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