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Please Visit Kiddnation.com for more information

It’s an odd feeling. Ever since I found out, I have been conflicted internally. The conflict in this case is how to appropriately react to the passing of Kidd Kraddick. On the one hand, I have spent many mornings listening to the antics of Kidd and the rest of the cast. When he was replaced … Continue reading

Zimmerman Case Opinion

I figured it is about time for me to weigh in on the Zimmerman/Martin case. Not because I think my opinion is of any real importance, but the more I hear about the case, the less I think anyone actually understands about it. So, if this can help put a voice to anyone that feels … Continue reading

Empathy of Sycophants

I am sure that seeing the face of one of the alledeged Boston Marathon bombers may have offended someone at the end of the tolerance spectrum. But are we really this easily distracted and riled up by a magazine that had Johnny Knoxville on the cover getting hit with paint-balls or Lady Gaga in one … Continue reading

Dead End for Zombies?

I love a good zombie flick as much as anyone can. But have they jumped the sharknado?                 We have seen just about every type of zombie movie at this point. Fast zombies, slow zombies, mean zombies, funny zombies. We have movies where zombies are the villain and even movies where zombies are the love … Continue reading

Can we give society a lift?

                Today, I saw something completely unremarkable, totally thinkable, and extremely common; a hitchhiker. Why is this even worth mentioning? I can pick any day of the week and see someone walking on the roadside. So what? Why is this topic deserving of a blog entry?                 Today marked the first time I felt bad … Continue reading

A Yarn about Kindergarten

My earliest moments of anxiety stem from a kindergarten class in 1990. I was five years old in Mrs. B’s class at Bigelow School. There are so many oddly specific things I can remember from my time there but I haven’t been able to figure out why I remember these moments, these seemingly worthless chunks … Continue reading

9 Rules for the Road

Having just returned from my very first road trip, I thought I could share some wisdom that I picked up along the 1,500 mile/28 hour way. 1. Staying in Tune – Always get a tune up before any long road trip. Your car may need something you aren’t aware of and you certainly don’t want … Continue reading