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New Releases: Week of June 06/03/2013

Album Releases on June 4th-90’s Edition

Barenaked Ladies is coming out with a new album titled Grinning Streak. This is their first studio album since 2010’s All in Good Time; which made it to Number 23 on the Billboard Charts.

Ben Folds Five is putting out a live album called Ben Folds Five Live. Their best known hit, Brick, is about his High School girlfriend having an abortion.

Filter is coming out with their first album in three years, The Sun Comes Out Tonight. It was produced by Bob Marlette, the man behind albums from Saliva, Atreyu, Seether, and Alice Cooper.

DVD Releases on June 4th: Robbery, Murder, and Cannibalism

The 5th installment of the Die Hard series hit the shelves with A Good Day to Die Hard. I don’t pretend to know what this movie is about, just know that John McClane and his CIA son Jack tear up some minarets in Russia. Yippee Ki Yay!

Jason Bateman goes on the hunt for the thief that stole his identity in Identity Thief. As it turns out, the up and coming comedy actress Melissa McCarthy is the suspect. This movie got some brutal reviews but if you watch without expecting the same quality of their previous projects, I bet you won’t be disappointed.

One of the few romantic zombie films, Warm Bodies, comes to your local video store. If you were wondering how zombie movies are still being churned out, it’s because zombies are becoming less of an ominous plague and more of a key role in the plot. Also, there is only so much you can do with monsters that can’t talk or emote.

In Theaters Soon

The Internship puts comedy duo Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in the world of being a noob at Google Headquarters. I wish this movie wasn’t just a large Google commercial but it wouldn’t matter if they made up a computer company to put in its place, it’s not like we would assume that the movie was about Bing.

The Purge stars Ethan Hawke as a man protecting his home during the one night per year where murder is legal. Reminiscent of The Strangers, this movie promises to make you check all of the windows in your house before going to bed.



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