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Ricin Scares Include White House

The Secret Service reported today that an envelope received by the White House is being tested for Ricin. Similar to the envelopes received by New York’s  Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the letter has been sent to the FBI for further analysis. 

Last month, President Obama was sent another envelope containing a “suspicious substance”.
Why isn’t this a bigger deal? In the aftermath of 9/11, anthrax envelopes were being sent across the country and I distinctly remember the feeling of panic and worry accompanied with checking the mail. 
Even though I am not a famous person by any stretch, I was still worried that any letter I opened could be a death sentence. Paranoid? Absolutely, and I had the 24 hour news networks to thank for it
Now, we have ricin working its way to the White House (luckily stopped by mail screening) and its almost par for the course at this point. This story is being led into by Beyonce’s concert butt slap, which is getting more coverage by the way. 
I’m not saying we need to get worked into a froth over this but why aren’t we as mad now as we were then? Is the media only interested domestic acts of terrorism if the terrorist is of foreign nationality? 
Are the same people who screamed for justice during the anthrax scare over a decade ago suddenly okay with it now because people they don’t like are being targeted? 
This was bigger news when it had the possibility of hurting Drew Barrymore as opposed to the leader of our country. 
Hopefully, there will be more to follow on this as the story unfolds. Otherwise, we will have to go back to checking our emails for smallpox


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