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Ricin Scares Include White House

The Secret Service reported today that an envelope received by the White House is being tested for Ricin. Similar to the envelopes received by New York’s  Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the letter has been sent to the FBI for further analysis.    Last month, President Obama was sent another envelope containing a “suspicious substance”.   Why … Continue reading

A Case for Poor Taste

My friends and I have spent more than our fair share of evenings taking terrible B-Rated movies to task. From Jack Frost: Attack of the Mutant Killer Snowman to Terror Toons, we wasted so many vital minutes tearing apart holey plot lines and acting that was worse than a kindergarten kazoo recital. The worst part … Continue reading

Music Releases 5/28/2013

Alice in Chains is coming out with a new album titled The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. William DuVall continues to hold place as lead singer after being brought into the group back in 2006. Canadian Metal Band/Documentary stars, Anvil are dropping a new album titled Hope in Hell. They hope to start a European tour … Continue reading

Addiction: Are We Choosing to be Addicted?

I can think of five television shows off the top of my head that specifically deal with addiction; whether it is the act of succumbing to it, seeking help, or the aftermath/detox. Unfortunately, these shows tend to gloss over two incredibly important facets of the flawed gem that is addiction. The first is the actual … Continue reading

One Last Golden Streak: In Memoriam

Growing up in a state where fireworks were considered contraband, summertime yielded a mother-load of pyrotechnic wonders. We would sit on the beach and wait for night to fall on the fourth of July. The sun would set, casting beautiful purples and golds across the sky while the first of the brightest stars made their … Continue reading