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Top 10 at 10: Yahoo’s Top Stories 02-21-2013

ImageDeadbeat Dad

10: Tim Tebow cancels appearance.
Jets Quarterback Tim Tebow cancelled an appearance at a Dallas Baptist church, a move that the church insists is an attempt to avoid controversy. The controversy  could be tied to the pastor allegedly being anti-gay and anti-semetic.

I think the next part of this story should be when Tebow finds a church that hasn’t been exclusive toward one group or another.

9: Bizzare punishment in Utah
A mother and her friend are in jail for allegedly duct taping her 14 year old son, making him smoke marijuana, and pouring hot sauce in his eyes. This is not the first accusation of abuse against the boy, it is just another in a long line that started about two years ago. One of the suspect’s foster mother doesn’t believe the accusations and thinks it is all about custody of the child.

This has been under investigation for 6 months, if it was all just about custody they would have figured it out 6 months ago. Sorry lady, just because you raised her in the light doesn’t mean she won’t go dark.

8: Five killed in jet crash
After landing on a small runway in Georgia, a jet failed to stop and crashed into the woods beyond the airport. Five were killed and two were taken to the hospital.

Hopefully this was a mechanical error and not negligence.

7: Soledad O’ Brien opts for a later shift
CNN’s host of “Starting Point” will be leaving the show to work on documentaries for the news network.

I don’t know who should host instead but I vote for someone with an equally nationality-ambiguous sounding name. Kwame Schultz? Bethany Subimanya?

6: Ashley Judd eying political seat?
Ashley Judd has been meeting with democrats from Kentucky at a location considered a proving ground for those looking to campaign. No stranger to activism, Judd has been the face of numerous causes but this would be her first official government position.

I don’t have a joke here…um…From “Kiss the Girls” to kissing babies?

5: Most Deadbeat parent pleads guilty
A man in New York, given the title of most deadbeat dad (owing more than 1.2 million dollars in child support), pleaded guilty. The total stems from just two counts of child support evasion in 2002 but has collected interest and arrears since then. He fled to Florida and then to Thailand where he was arrested and deported back to the US where he was arrested by federal marshals. He faces up to 4 years in prison.

From experience with a father that also tried to escape to Florida to avoid child support, 4 years in prison will be nothing compared to the resentment from his children which will probably last forever. Great job on parenting.

4: Diane Lane and Josh Brolin are divorcing
After 8 years of marriage, Brolin and Lane are splitting up. Luckily, they don’t have any children together to make this a messy divorce.

Perhaps, Brolin took the movie “Unfaithful” far too seriously. Or maybe he was bummed out by Lane’s performance in “Nights in Rodanthe”. I think each actor in those movies needs to be on probation until they appear in a movie that wasn’t written with a mad lib.

3: Limbaugh ashamed of America
After accusing President Obama of using fear to get what he wants (re: sequestration “crisis”) radio personality Rush Limbaugh claimed he is ashamed of America.

Right back atcha, buddy. If I have ever seen someone use fear and over-dramatics to push an agenda, its Limbaugh.

2: Laura Bush retracts pro-gay marriage comments
The Respect of Marriage Coalition created a 30 second ad using numerous clips from politicians and other prominent voices in support of same-sex marriage. Laura Bush has demanded her portion be removed from the ad under the claim she wasn’t notified that she would be used in the commercial.  Her portion was taken from an interview with Larry King in 2010.

I wonder how upset should we have been if the coalition used her comments for something she really supported like reckless driving or inequality.

1: 3 sisters killed
3 sisters in India, aged from 5 to 11, were raped and killed. Now a massive search is under way for the suspects. Police, when originally called about this tragedy, ignored the case for a couple days; according to the girl’s mother.

I know how America has to work on interfering in the affairs of other countries but it seems that there has been numerous human rights issues being neglected in India for decades that could sure be looked at by the UN.

What is happening in India that rape seems to be so prevalent? Is it the same as everywhere else but is just being brought up abroad as a distraction to our own issues at home?





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