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First Post of 2013

2013Here we are again at the start of a new year. A year that many believed we would never see on account of the Mayan apocalypse. In 2012 alone we had three different predictions of the end times and we survived them all.

In fact, it feels like as a society, we survived a lot this year. Maybe I am just being a little nostalgic on the edge of the new year but honestly, I feel drained.

I reentered the educational system be enrolling in college full-time in 2012, I became the lead singer of a band for the first time in my life, all of this while working full-time, moving from an apartment to a house, and supporting my girlfriend as much as possible on her journey to becoming a nurse. I owned and gave away my first dog, gambled and lost on a couple of job opportunities, and got my first car at the age of 27. I was also diagnosed with Hyper Focused-ADHD and OCD and began treatments.

Both good and bad, up and down, better or worse, 2012 was eventful to say the least. Good and bad, tragic and triumphant; it’s easy to focus on the events that are harder to swallow. But now is not the time for cynicism. We have the rest of the year to become bitter by the time next January rolls around. For now, let’s look at the highlights.

The Royal Bloodline Continues: Prince William and Kate announced their pregnancy.

Obama Stays Seated: We reelected Barack Obama to lead our country.

It Came From the Sky: Felix Baumgartner broke the sound barrier by skydiving from the Stratosphere.

Grab Your Popcorn: The Hobbit, Skyfall, The Avengers, Breaking Dawn Part II, and The Hunger Games pulled huge audiences this year.

Shore Thing: Jersey Shore started its final season.

War of the Wireless: iPad 3, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy S3, and Kindle Fire all made tech-pros wait in line for days.

King of YouTube: Korean rapper Psy has the most watched clip on YouTube with his music video for “Gangnam Style.” It currently has over 1.1 Billion views.

2013 is already shaping up to be an exciting year.

India plans to launch their Mars Probe “Mangalyaan”

China will attempt its first unmanned Moon landing

Australia will withdraw its troops from Afghanistan

Lets all work together to make 2013 another one to remember! Best to you in 2013!



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